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Knowledge of purchasing electric wires and cables for civil use

with the development and popularization of household appliances, household power consumption has increased rapidly. In order to ensure the safe use of electricity at home, consumers should pay attention to the following matters when purchasing and using electric wires:

1. Should the sensor be checked on the surface of electric wires? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with the resistance gear of the multimeter are: About 405 Ω at the input end; The output terminal is about 340 Ω; The resistance value of any one end and two leads at the other end is 280 Ω

according to the national standards, the wire surface shall have continuous marks of manufacturer name, product model and rated voltage. This is conducive to finding the manufacturer in time when problems occur during the use of wires. Consumers must pay attention to this when purchasing wires. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer name, product model and rated voltage indicated on the certificate are consistent with the printed marks on the surface of the wire to prevent counterfeit products

II. Wire appearance

when purchasing wires, consumers should pay attention to the smooth and flat appearance of wires, no damage to insulation and sheath, clear signs, and no greasy feeling when modeling wires. From the cross-section of the wire, the thickness of insulation or sheath on the whole circumference of the wire shall be uniform without core deviation, and the insulation or sheath shall have a certain thickness

III. conductor diameter

when purchasing wires, consumers should pay attention to whether the conductor diameter is consistent with the section indicated on the certificate. If the conductor section is too small, it is easy to heat the wire and cause short circuit. It is suggested that the wires for household lighting lines should be made of packaging materials with a size of 1.5 mm2 or above that basically eliminate the excessive heavy metals and other special materials; Household appliances with large power, such as air conditioners and microwave ovens, shall use wires of 2.5 mm2 and above

IV. standardized use

wiring should be standardized. Bv single core wire should be used for the fixed line to pass through the pipe. Pay attention not to damage the wire during wiring and during room decoration; Do not connect in the middle of a route; Do not touch the wire when the wire is connected to the electrical box (box); In addition, household appliances with large power consumption, such as air conditioners, should be powered by a separate line; It is better to basically build a special express package recycling system for wires used for weak and strong electricity to keep a certain distance

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