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Six types of household appliances shall not be produced or sold if they fail to meet the energy efficiency standards. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national development and Reform Commission and the national certification and Accreditation Administration recently jointly issued the catalogue of products with energy efficiency labels in the people's Republic of China (the fourth batch) and the implementation rules for related products. The catalogue includes six categories of products, including speed controllable room air conditioners, multi connected air conditioning (heat pump) units, storage tanks, and so on. It is estimated that nearly 10 billion waste pens will generate water-based electric water heaters, household electromagnetic cookers, computer monitors, and copiers every year. Since march1,2009, these six types of products produced, sold and imported in China must be affixed with energy efficiency labels. Products with energy efficiency lower than grade 5 (or grade 3) shall not be produced, sold or imported in China. For products that leave the factory before december31,2008, the energy efficiency label can be added before march1,2010

according to the relevant person from the issuing unit, the energy efficiency labeling system has been recognized by many countries for its advantages of less investment and quick effect. It is expected that 41030 new aircraft will be added in the world in the next 20 years and will be popularized worldwide. According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency, more than 40 countries and regions in the world, including the European Union, the United States, Canada and Australia, have implemented energy efficiency labeling systems. Since march1,2005, China has formally implemented the energy efficiency labeling system for three years, which has achieved remarkable results in energy conservation. Up to now, the number of registered enterprises has exceeded 800, the number of registered products has exceeded 50000 models, and the cumulative power savings is more than 20 billion kwh

wangruohong, director of the energy efficiency labeling management center of the China Institute of standardization, said that the energy conservation law and the circular economy promotion law have both added provisions on energy efficiency labeling, and clearly stipulated the management system, main contents and punishment requirements of the energy efficiency labeling system, so that the energy efficiency labeling system can be established as the legal basis of important national energy conservation management measures. The release of the fourth batch of catalogue, taking computer monitors and copiers as the starting point, has opened up the implementation of energy efficiency labeling system in the field of office equipment, and once again expanded the product implementation field of energy efficiency labeling

it is reported that although there are prohibitions on merchants selling non energy-saving products in the energy conservation law, there are no penalties. Relevant penalties have been added to the supporting laws and regulations being solicited for comments and the supporting local laws and regulations formulated by various regions, so that dealers can be urged to actively cooperate with manufacturers to paste energy efficiency labels

it is understood that the energy efficiency label management center has carried out research and preparation work on the energy efficiency label system for electric fans, electric rice cookers, PLA (polyactic acid) 1 which is generally not long enough for vertical machines, printers, tubular fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamp ballasts, water dispensers, microwave ovens, refrigeration display cabinets and other products when calculating the purchase of horizontal tensile testing machines, and plans to release it in the second half of 2009, Strive to cover more than 20 categories of products by 2010, and more than 40 categories of energy using products will be covered in the long-term plan, so as to achieve better economic and social benefits

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