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Clariant will show its plan at the 9th World Pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition

[China Packaging News] Clariant, the world's leading manufacturer of special chemicals, plans to show its product line of pharmaceutical packaging solutions at the 9th World Pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition (cphichina2014) held at Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 26 to 28. The world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials exhibition is the top global pharmaceutical industry exhibition in Asia. This year, the three-day exhibition is expected to receive more than 30000 visitors from 100 countries. Clariant will look forward to your visit at n1b32 exhibition 7, when the piston exceeds the stroke (about 20mm) at the 9th World Pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China exhibition

in terms of transaction volume, China will become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world. In the context of increasingly strict safety requirements, the development of China's pharmaceutical industry is under pressure. Therefore, industry participants pay more and more attention to the safety and effectiveness of product packaging. This industrial upgrading trend has created great opportunities for multinational companies seeking to establish partnerships and business relationships to meet China's demand for high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials

Clariant is an industry expert in providing functional packaging solutions. As a long-term partner in the pharmaceutical industry, Clariant has launched an end-to-end functional packaging solution to help customers achieve excellent product safety and reliability. For example, some of Clariant's featured products can effectively block moisture, oxygen and other volatiles, and have fully customized adsorbent systems and multi-layer protective packaging

integrated desiccant damp proof cover (IDC)

Clariant will display a series of integrated desiccant damp proof cover (IDC) product solutions at this exhibition. According to pan Xuezhu, DC was listed in Greater China in the fourth quarter of 2013

the integrated desiccant moisture-proof cover makes the sealing of a single drug multifunctional and maximizes the packaging efficiency. IDC integrates the functions of anti unpacking, child protection and screwing open bottle caps into a fully customizable screw cap or snap cap closure system. This will eliminate the unnecessary step of putting additional desiccant into the packaging system, so that customers can save time and money while ensuring that products are safer

ultrasonic technology desiccant packaging section

another featured product that Ryan will display at the exhibition is ultrasonic technology desiccant packaging. In China, paper packaging is often used to package products containing desiccant. The desiccant can be easily torn open, resulting in desiccant leakage. Therefore, there are potential safety hazards. To solve this problem, Clariant took the lead in using Tyvek materials in desiccant packaging to replace paper packaging. High density polyethylene can effectively enhance the protection of packaging and allow air circulation. In order to avoid polluting the medicine, ultrasonic technology is used instead of heating to seal the desiccant package, which also avoids the use of glue. In April, 2014, this technology won an award from China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA) for Clariant

in addition, other display products include customized adsorbent systems and multi-layer protective packaging. This product can cut off the main route of drug degradation and help to maintain the stability and effectiveness of the product. Clariant will fully integrate customized functions according to the specific needs of customers, such as child protection, anti unpacking, ergonomic characteristics, drug distribution, brand building, etc

at the same time, China packaging also learned that when developing innovative packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, Clariant focuses on active materials, functional design and innovative plastic material processing. With excellent professional technology and rich industry knowledge, Clariant can provide continuous innovative solutions that meet both market demand and regulatory requirements

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