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Cixi 12th Five Year Plan to accelerate the high-end of advantageous manufacturing industries such as bearings

Cixi 12th Five Year Plan to accelerate the high-end of advantageous manufacturing industries such as bearings

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Guide: the 9th plenary session of the 12th Cixi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China deeply studied and implemented the spirit of the 5th Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the 8th plenary session of the 12th Provincial Committee and the 11th plenary session of the 11th Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively analyzed the development background, Carefully study the development goals and tasks of Cixi City in the next five years, and compile the national economy and social security of Cixi City

the 9th plenary session of the 12th Cixi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 5th Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the 8th plenary session of the 12th Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the 11th plenary session of the 11th Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively analyzed the development background, carefully studied the development objectives and tasks of Cixi in the next five years, and put forward the following suggestions on the preparation of the outline (year) of the 12th Five Year Plan for the national economic and social development of Cixi

the overall requirements for the economic and social development of Cixi during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the realistic basis for the development of the 12th Five Year Plan. The Eleventh Five Year Plan period was an extraordinary five years in the development history of Cixi City. Over the past five years, Cixi has thoroughly implemented the scientificoutlookondevelopment, closely focused on the goal of building a new Cixi with harmonious benefits, comprehensively innovated the development model, complied with the era of bridge economy, actively implemented the central macro-control policies and measures, effectively responded to the impact of the international financial crisis, and successfully completed the main goals and tasks set in the eleventh five year plan. The comprehensive strength, especially the quality and benefit of development, has been further improved, the per capita GDP has doubled, the general budget revenue has exceeded 10 billion yuan, the people's living standards have been continuously improved, new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of major platforms such as Hangzhou Bay New Area and CiDong Industrial Zone, new progress has been made in new urbanization focusing on the construction of central urban areas, a number of major infrastructure projects such as overseas water diversion projects and power construction have been completed, scientific and technological innovation Energy conservation and emission reduction, new rural construction, social security and other work are at the forefront of the province and even similar regions in China, laying a solid foundation for the development of the 12th Five Year Plan and accumulating important experience

opportunities and challenges for development in the 12th Five Year Plan. The scientific judgment made by the central government that "China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities that can make great achievements" provides an important basis for Cixi City to assess the situation and scientifically formulate the 12th Five Year Plan. In the next five years, Cixi's economic and social development will be characterized by the intertwined and integrated development of industrialization, urbanization and informatization. There are not only good basic conditions and major opportunities, but also many constraints and major challenges. The economic effect of the bridge continues to deepen, the regional development potential is further highlighted, the advantages of the private economy are still obvious, and the comprehensive strength is continuously enhanced. However, the problems restricting the transformation and development, such as economic structural contradictions, tighter constraints on resources and environment, and weak innovation ability of enterprises, are still very prominent, and economic development is bound to enter a critical period of transformation. The acceleration of urbanization is the inevitable trend of future development. The construction of Ningbo metropolitan area will be accelerated. Cixi has a rapid industrialization process, a high income level of urban and rural residents, and strong urbanization demand. The comparative advantages and practical foundation of accelerating urbanization are obvious. However, the relatively backward status of Urbanization has not been fundamentally changed, and the new urbanization is bound to enter a period of high-speed development. The spatial layout of Ningbo metropolitan area is becoming more optimized. The era of high-speed rail (light rail) is coming. The regional linkage development of Yuci is deepening, and the Hangzhou bay new area is rising at a high level. The strategic layout of urban development will change significantly. However, the urban-rural overall planning and coordination pattern has not been fully formed, and the regional development is bound to enter the linkage promotion period. Profound changes have taken place in the social structure, social organization form and social interest pattern. The new and old Cixi people have significantly increased their demand for public services. However, China can provide a source of demand for development under the current economic situation. The mechanism of interest coordination and contradiction resolution is not perfect. The problems of social development and economic development are still very prominent. Social construction is bound to enter a period of overall improvement. With the in-depth promotion of industrialization and urbanization and the generally rapid growth of urban and rural residents' income, the people's demand for a higher quality of life is increasing day by day. However, the contradiction of large ecological arrears and weak carrying capacity in Cixi City is still very prominent. The task of strengthening environmental remediation and ecological restoration is extremely arduous, and the construction of ecological civilization is bound to enter a period of comprehensive strengthening. Facing the new changes in the domestic and international environment and the new requirements for the development of Cixi City, we must further enhance our consciousness and firmness, scientifically grasp the development law, actively adapt to the changes in the situation, actively explore a new way to lead the transformation and development of regional economy and society with new urbanization, gradually form a new pattern of economic development from county economy to urban economy, and constantly create a new situation of scientific development with Cixi characteristics

the guiding ideology of the 12th Five Year Plan. Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, fully implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment, take accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, take new urbanization as the guide, and take enriching the people and strengthening the city, civilization and harmony as the fundamental purpose, accelerate the promotion of industrial upgrading, accelerate the building of modern medium-sized cities, accelerate the overall planning of urban and rural development, and accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, We will accelerate the improvement of the quality of life, take the lead in building a well-off society that benefits the people of the whole city in an all-round way, and lay a more solid foundation for building a rich, civilized, green and more dynamic modern medium-sized city and basically realizing modernization ahead of schedule

according to this guiding ideology, the following basic requirements should be highlighted:

accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, improve the core competitiveness of the industry

develop modern ecological agriculture. Accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, vigorously promote agricultural industrialization, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural modernization. We will optimize the distribution of agricultural industries and gradually form four major agricultural industrial zones, namely, inshore aquaculture, comprehensive development of modern agriculture in the north, urban foreign exchange earning agriculture in the central region, forest economy in the south, and grain and economic crops. We will strengthen the construction of grain functional areas and the "vegetable basket project", expand and strengthen the seed and seedling industry, and strive to promote the construction of modern agricultural parks. Actively build a modern agricultural system, steadily develop circular agriculture, facility agriculture, leisure agriculture and quality agriculture, develop diversified agricultural functions, and improve the utilization efficiency of agricultural resources. Strengthen agricultural scientific and technological innovation, cultivate and develop leading scientific and technological agricultural enterprises, and promote agricultural mechanization to be widely used in all walks of life! So how do users purchase a suitable tensile testing machine? Next, StarTech and everyone will work together to analyze and select the basic knowledge of tensile testing machine and the level of meteorological service for agriculture, and accelerate the improvement of agricultural product technology development and quality and safety supervision system. We will develop new types of rural cooperative organizations and encourage agricultural enterprises to promote standardized production and large-scale operations. We will promote the building of a contingent of modern farmers and agricultural professionals

actively promote industrial modernization. Adhere to the new road of industrialization, transform and upgrade traditional industries, eliminate high consumption and pollution production capacity, cultivate and expand emerging industries, accelerate the formation of a modern industrial structure with high added value, high-tech content, low energy consumption and low emissions, and basically build an advanced characteristic manufacturing base with prominent advantageous industries, significantly improved cluster level and significantly enhanced innovation ability, which shows that this material has certain advantages over similar materials. According to the pattern of "two regions, one belt and one highland", accelerate the integration and agglomeration of industrial layout, transform and upgrade the existing industrial parks, improve the intensive use of industrial land, and expand new space for industrial development. Focusing on improving industrial supporting capacity and increasing industrial added value, we will accelerate the high-end development of traditional advantageous manufacturing industries such as household appliances, chemical fiber, auto parts and bearings, and achieve a household appliance industry output value of more than 100 billion yuan. We will increase support for the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, focus on the development of emerging industries such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new materials, new energy and biomedicine, strive to build a number of characteristic industrial chains and smart industries, and strive to exceed 100 billion yuan in the output value of emerging industries. We will deepen the mechanism of supporting the strong and the excellent, actively support innovative and growing small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate their development, and cultivate a number of industry leading enterprises with large scale, strong strength and core competitiveness. We will resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, strictly implement technical and environmental standards, and effectively promote the closure, suspension and transformation of high energy consuming and high polluting enterprises

vigorously develop modern service industry. Take the development of modern service industry as the strategic focus of the transformation from county economy to urban economy, take the service industry base as the core, take the development and construction of major blocks of the service industry as the carrier, and focus on the development of productive service industry, the cultivation of emerging service industry and the transformation and upgrading of traditional service industry, so as to accelerate the leapfrog development of modern service industry and realize the transition from municipal service industry to regional service industry, An important logistics base connecting Ningbo port, an important gathering area of modern business services around the south wing of Hangzhou Bay and an important destination for leisure tourism have been preliminarily built. We will accelerate the cultivation of modern service industries in cities and towns, further optimize the industrial structure of urban areas dominated by modern service industries, and build a number of regional modern service industry development highlands supported by urban complexes and headquarters bases. Focusing on the upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of emerging industries, we will vigorously develop productive services such as finance and insurance, modern logistics, R & D and design, service outsourcing, cultural creativity, e-commerce and information consulting, and promote the interactive development of service industry and manufacturing industry. To adapt to the upgrading of consumption structure, we will focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of living services such as commerce, entertainment and fitness, and encourage the development of public services, community services, housekeeping services and elderly care services closely related to improving people's livelihood. Promote the development of leisure tourism industry and the construction of tourism public service system

accelerate the construction of major industrial platforms. We will comprehensively strengthen the development and construction of the CiDong industrial zone and promote the transformation of the block economy into a modern industrial cluster. Vigorously build new industrial clusters and become new urban spaces and new industrial bases for transformation and upgrading. Accelerate the construction of Hangzhou Bay modern agricultural development zone and other blocks, and build a characteristic plate of the province's marine economy and marine industry. We will comprehensively promote the construction of regional commodity markets and comprehensive logistics parks, and build a number of modern service industry clusters. We will accelerate the development and construction of the Minghe scenic spot. We initiated the protection and development of the celadon cultural ecological area in the southern mountain area of Kuangyan and the Fulong mountain tourist and leisure scenic spot, and organized the preliminary planning and research of the Henghe tongjia'ao cultural relics protection area

promote the internal and external coordination of the regional economy to develop the impact of industry integration and the demand exhibition of new supply and demand rebalancing. Focusing on the transformation from economic development to relying on the coordinated pull of consumption, investment and export, we will actively promote the healthy and sustainable growth of consumption and investment, and continuously enhance the endogenous driving force of development. Strengthen the construction of "credit Cixi", improve the personal and enterprise credit reporting system, improve the industry credit management system, and create a good social credit environment. We will actively build a new type of trade system linking domestic and foreign markets, support enterprises to expand international and domestic markets, and promote brand management. We will improve the tax structure that adapts to economic transformation and foster local tax sources that grow steadily. Give play to the important role of investment in adjusting the structure and benefiting people's livelihood, promote the rational growth of investment, encourage and promote the healthy development of private investment, and create convenient conditions for private investment to start businesses and expand the market. Establish and improve a long-term mechanism to expand consumer demand, and promote new forms of consumption

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