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Look at the "classic" little-known needle printing technology through "ordinary"

"is there any technology for needle printing? This is prejudice!" This is the most important thing Oki company, which first developed stylus printers, said to visitors. OKI firmly believes that needle punching technology is actually very high, but it is easy to be ignored because of its high maturity

throughout the current printer market, page printers and inkjet printers are generally paid more attention, and people have long forgotten the existence of needle printers. With the development of printing technology, people are tired of the "squeaky" printing sound of needle printers and the printing process starting from "dot", and the saying that "needle printing will die" has long been circulating in the market. Although many years of market practice has proved that the needle printer is irreplaceable, people still maintain a "habitual neglect" attitude towards the needle printer. Obviously, it is a realistic state that the needle printer tends to be "ordinary". In Oki's view, the "ordinary" of its needle printer is no less exquisite than that of the color printer

recently, I came to Oki company to experience the profundity and classics of needle printing technology with several technical experts

precision machinery manufacturing technology

needle printer is a product integrating machinery, manufacturing, software and other technologies. Due to its unique "percussive" printing principle and the high load workload it undertakes, the needle printer first requires that the product structure be simple and stable, and each welding part, riveting part, screw and other parts must be made of high-quality materials to ensure the wear resistance The stability and other aspects have reached the first-class level. Among them, precision machining and manufacturing technology is the key technology of needle printer, especially the print head with the largest load that may not be added

in terms of the materials used in the print head, all manufacturers are equal. However, there are still many differences in the precision machining process of print head manufacturing. OKI not only made a breakthrough in printing head manufacturing by arranging the printing needles in a diamond shape, but also successfully developed a unique spring energy storage printing method. On the one hand, the printing head can adapt to various fonts such as Chinese and English, on the other hand, it can better control the hitting force of the printing needles each time, thus greatly reducing the needle breaking rate and improving the service life of the needle printer

media sensing technology

needle printer is mainly used for printing bills and vouchers. With its wide application in different industries, the types of bills and vouchers undertaken by needle printers are more and more. Obviously, it is absolutely impossible to develop a special needle printer for each kind of bill printing. Therefore, this puts forward strict requirements for the media processing capacity of the stylus printer, and the adaptability of the media is closely related to the sensing technology

at present, the more advanced method is to install multiple photoelectric sensors at the paper inlet of the needle printer to complement the advantages of the mechanical sensors. On the one hand, the mechanical sensors can be free from the influence of the external environment, especially the light and dust. In particular, they pioneered the advantages of an economical cell tissue culture method through 3D printing processes such as FDM, On the other hand, the sensitivity of photoelectric sensor is used to make even thinner media can be normally induced. In addition, in order to truly realize the extraordinary media processing capacity of the stylus printer, the paper feed wheel is very important. Among all needle printer manufacturers, Oki's paper feed wheel is unique in that it is made of unique materials. The paper feed wheel itself can not only adapt to various environmental conditions, but also perfectly cooperate with photoelectric and mechanical sensors in paper feed capacity, which can easily realize the printing of various thick cards. This is the fundamental reason for the strong media adaptability of Oki stylus printer

ribbon production technology

as the daily consumables of the needle printer, the ribbon has been widely concerned by users. The quality of the ribbon directly affects the performance of the needle printer in the later use process. In the process of ribbon making, ribbon base, interface and ink are three key elements. The ribbon base has developed from cotton ribbon to nylon ribbon, which is widely used at present. With the emergence of ring SEAMLESS NYLON printing ribbon, the interface problem has been well solved

although the ribbon making technology has made great progress, the application industry has more professional and strict requirements for needle printers, which puts forward better requirements for the ribbon in terms of service cycle, printing capacity, installation convenience and even environmental protection. In these aspects, the experience of Oki company is that the high-quality nylon and ink material technology are used to ensure the reliability of the belt and the environmental protection of the ink itself. Then, through the good adhesion between the belt base and the ink, the ink content of the whole ribbon is maximized. At the same time, the surface is not easy to deink, making it more convenient for users to install and replace the ribbon

switching power supply loading technology

switching power supply is a power supply that uses modern power electronics technology to control the time ratio of switching transistor on and off, and maintain a stable output voltage. Switching power supply has many advantages, such as miniaturization, portability, high reliability, low energy consumption, low noise, anti-interference and so on. It is widely used in electrical and other fields

like all electrical appliances, the power supply is the power source of the stylus printer. The stability of the power supply and energy-saving technology will have a far-reaching impact on the future application and development of the stylus printer. Therefore, some professional printer manufacturers also apply switching power supply to the power supply of needle printer, which greatly improves the loss, working frequency and efficiency of needle printer. Moreover, the small size, light weight, good heat dissipation, and the high efficiency and stability of switching power supply also determine that the stylus printer can adapt to various current unstable printing environments. At present, all Oki pin printers have adopted switching power supply

in addition to the above hardware technologies, the software development technology can not be ignored for the stylus printer. According to Oki technicians, stylus printers are generally applied to specific industry users, such as banks, postal services, medical care, etc. they need to have advanced software development technology to meet the special needs of these users. They are required to be customized on demand. The lead screw of the development support software system is also directly connected with the 10 prefix, and the 10 prefix moves up and down with the rotation of the lead screw

at the same time, users in these industries have a special application environment 120 ° diamond cone. For example, in the window industry, whether it is the business hall of the banking, postal and other departments, or the reception hall of the tax, transportation and other departments, the application environment can be called "difficult" -- the high and low temperatures and obvious dust will directly affect the normal use of precision stylus printers. In order to ensure that the product can adapt to a variety of complex application environments, Oki specially set up a strict testing process for the Chinese market: 1.5m drop test, -10 ℃ low-temperature startup test, and 8-hour sand dust wear test. To meet the stringent requirements of these environments, it is inconceivable that the stylus printer does not have a certain technical content. On the contrary, many color printers are difficult to meet the requirements of these harsh environments. (end)

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