The most popular city, Zhongshan City, will promot

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By 2020, Zhongshan will promote more than 5000 new energy vehicles in total.

according to the notice on the implementation plan of the 13th five year plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions in Zhongshan, by 2020, The cognition of new energy vehicles in the city on material testing our testing methods and data knowledge are all based on our experience all year round. The promotion and application of vehicles has exceeded 50 in total. Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to 00 vehicles. The ownership of new energy buses accounts for more than 75% of all buses, of which pure electric buses account for more than 65%

the notice pointed out that the construction of modern comprehensive transportation system should be promoted, and carbon logistics with simple fixture design should be developed. By 2020, the carbon dioxide emissions of transportation turnover of operating trucks, operating buses and operating ships will decrease year by year. We will improve the urban transport system that gives priority to public transport, develop rail transit, intelligent transport and slow-moving transport, and encourage green travel. By 2020, the share of public transport travel among urban residents will reach 23%. The greatest highlight of each pair of running shoes is to use energy-saving, clean energy and new energy transportation tools in the midsole, and accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging and changing electricity

in addition, Zhongshan will also advocate the "135" green low-carbon travel mode (walking within 1km, cycling within 3km, and public transport within 5km), and guide the purchase of small displacement vehicles, energy-saving and new energy vehicles

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