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Clariant emphasized joint production at INTERDYE 2011 on April 6, 2011, Shanghai, China - with the theme of "working together to create brilliance", Clariant, the world's leading special chemicals company, will emphasize joint production and win in competition at booth a125 of the 2011 China International Dye Industry and organic pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition (INTERDYE 2011) held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center from April 26 to 28

Clariant's "joint production" means that we provide raw materials and high concentration products for textile additive manufacturers, and then textile additive manufacturers use these products as raw materials for compounding or direct sales under their own brands

the textile market is very competitive. To stand out in the current and future competition, we must do everything: faster, more creative and more efficient. This is what Clariant's textile business unit can provide for you to formulate targeted policies

as an expert in the field of special chemicals and dyes, Clariant can help customers in every link of the textile processing chain. Our production bases around the world will provide "co producers" and their branches with high-quality products of Clariant standard level

Clariant textile chemicals business unit can provide a wide range of products, including textile dyes (such as dispersants, reactive agents, acids and sulfur dyes) and special chemicals for textile pretreatment, dyeing and finishing. In addition, whitening agents and other functional chemicals for functional finishing can also be provided

our success is based on our professional knowledge and talents. Klein's experts can determine the needs of new customers as soon as possible, and cooperate with customers to develop newer, more effective solutions that meet the needs of modern markets. Through "joint production", our partners can not only gain our years of experience, but also gain world-class knowledge and technology in the production and development of raw materials and intermediates covering almost the entire textile field

Clariant - chemistry that meets your needs

Clariant is a leading specialty chemical company in the world. The company has a complete business structure, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and a wide range of application solutions, thus becoming the preferred business partner for customers. Clariant is composed of more than 100 group companies around the world, with about 16200 employees. The company is headquartered in muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, with sales of more than 7.1 billion Swiss francs in 2010. The company's product structure is divided into the following 10 business units: additives business unit, washing and intermediates business unit, lotion business unit, (2) the zigzag test position of the cylinder down universal testing machine is relatively low, although the special industrial and consumer goods business unit, leather service business unit, color masterbatch business unit, oil and mining service business unit, special paper business unit, pigment business unit is within ± 1% of the set value Textile chemicals business unit. Clariant has always been committed to achieving sustainable growth through its own innovation. Clariant's first-class products and services play an important role in customer processing and other value-added processes. Clariant's success is due to the excellent professional skills of its employees and their ability to judge the new needs of customers at the initial stage and develop innovative and efficient solutions

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