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Cixi already has a qualitative platform for improvement, the 2012 smart city construction promotion plan. In order to speed up the construction of "smart cities" such as single row, circular and cylindrical structures, and grasp the new opportunities for the development of new generation information technology, in June, Cixi issued the 2012 smart sensor test plan, which is mainly based on the test results of sensors and takes practical action. To this end, Cixi Power Supply Bureau, aiming to ensure "100% of residents' electricity consumption", has continuously accelerated power construction and supported the "smart" development of the city with the hard index of reliable power supply

in 2011, Cixi Power Supply Bureau invested 18.37 million yuan in Cixi urban power, covering 18 lines in total, and comprehensively transforming the primary equipment of 47 ring units and switchyards. In 2012, more than 50 million yuan was invested in the comprehensive automation transformation of the core area of the urban area, completing the full coverage of the automation and communication network of the pilot lines, and realizing the rapid removal and automatic restoration of power supply function of the distribution fault section

it is reported that after the pilot construction of regional distribution automation is successful, it will be gradually extended to the whole urban area to accelerate the process of intelligent construction around the themes of urban economic transformation, urban management, livelihood services, etc. It is expected that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the construction of distribution automation in Hushan urban area will be completed, the coverage of distribution automation in the urban central area will reach 100%, and the coverage of distribution automation in the whole city will reach 30%

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