90 square meters of happy decoration netizens sun

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The pastoral style makes people feel close to nature. Rural style decorations have always been a trend that is not out of date. Whether they are delicate flower patterns or rustic checkered cloth, they have always been loved by everyone. Rural style decoration is also a style that most netizens are better able to control. If you want to achieve the effect of rural style decoration simply and quickly, do “ Small broken flowers ” This is the basic point. And for the rural style decoration, the choice of color is not very difficult. Generally, it is mainly goose yellow and light yellow, which mainly reflects the warm effect. The next example of this netizen was found in both fabric art and furniture “ Pastoral ” Let's have a look

it really took me and LG a lot of effort. He took care of hard clothes and I took care of soft clothes. It took me more than 6 months





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