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After a new round of reshuffle, the ranking of the top ten customized wardrobes is highly competitive. Only enterprises that comply with the market demand can compete for the top and be worthy of the follow-up of franchisees and consumers. How to compete in the top ten customized wardrobe? The whole wardrobe brand Deville

products should meet the needs of the young market

in the top ten customized wardrobe rankings, almost all brands represented by Deville are aimed at the post-80s and post-90s market. These young consumers have more personalized and diversified requirements for wardrobes. Therefore, all brands are more modern and fashionable in product design. Take Deville as an example. In the latest product series in 2017, almost all of them are based on modern styles. Even the new Chinese furniture has also incorporated many modern fashion elements, making it easier for the young market to accept

services should meet the consumption habits of the young market

compared with the older generation of consumer groups, the post-80s and 90s are mostly white-collar people, who are busy with work on weekdays and do not have much leisure time to shop in furniture stores. Online shopping has become their most common consumption mode. Therefore, e-commerce of furniture services is also the trend in the future. By independently building a one-stop full house customization o2o E-commerce mall, Deville attracts traffic with rich online experiences such as real house type renderings, VR simulation experience, self selected full house customization solutions, and intelligent quotation, and then diverts traffic to offline exclusive stores to deliver intended customers to dealers free of charge

the customized wardrobe market is large, and the ranking of the top ten customized wardrobe is highly competitive. If you want to be ahead of the industry and become a leading brand, you must comply with the market demand. Only such a brand can be recognized by franchisees and consumers

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