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Decoration is too tired! It's not people who are tired, it's the heart. This sentence expresses the wishes of Ms. fan, who is currently decorating her new house. Whether it's purchasing materials, designing construction plans, clearing costs and checking accounts, it's inevitable to haggle with material suppliers and decoration companies. For fear of being plotted and fooled by them, I always feel insecure. How to find a suitable decoration company? How to sign a contract? How not to be fooled by the decoration party? The reporter specially interviewed insiders to answer questions for new owners. ◆ the orally agreed price doubled at the time of settlement. The house purchased by Mr. Zhang has been vacant for more than a year. Because there are other things to deal with at home and the funds are not in place temporarily, it has not been decorated. In July last year, Mr. Zhang and his wife discussed to start decoration, so that they could move into their new house next year. The construction began in early August. My wife and I were more concerned about the decoration cost, so we looked for ‘ Guerrillas ’. In January this year, the decoration of Mr. Zhang's new house was basically completed. What Mr. Zhang didn't expect was that after receiving the settlement list of the guerrillas, he found that there was something wrong with the accounts. The installation fee of a certain item that was originally negotiated was more than 1000 yuan, but now it has become more than 2000 yuan, which is almost twice as much. The cost of several materials is also frighteningly high. Because he didn't sign a contract with the other party, everything was a verbal agreement between the two sides. After a lot of trouble, Mr. Zhang finally made some compromises and gave it up. It's too troublesome. If you want to decorate in the future, you must sign a contract and make some details in advance to avoid trouble. Coincidentally, Ms. fan also encountered trouble when decorating her new house this year. Ms. Fan said that because she has a friend who is familiar with decoration materials and has some acquaintances in this industry, she asked this friend to take her to buy materials. Under the identification of her friends, Ms. fan bought a well-known brand of ceramic tiles at a high price. Not long after, a friend of Ms. fan's husband who is familiar with the decoration came to visit the new house and saw the tiles stacked in the new house. After careful identification, she told them that she should have bought the imitation goods. After listening to it, Ms. fan took it to ask other professionals to identify it. Finally, it was confirmed that she had indeed bought the imitation goods. ◆ be careful in choosing decoration companies. If you pay great attention to the design and quality of new houses, you should still find the most famous decoration companies in the local area. Such companies are generally qualified and experienced, with high design quality and decoration quality, and less likely to be cheated. Mr. Gao, who has worked in the decoration industry for more than 10 years, said that if you feel that the price of a large company is too expensive, you can find some qualified but average sized companies. In addition, you can also go to the local industrial and commercial department to check whether the decoration company is qualified. Don't credulous the exaggerated advertisements and the decoration company with low price. ◆ the more complete the details of the decoration contract, the more insurance it is. The decoration contract must be signed, and must be signed before the decoration, and as many details as possible in the decoration process should be thought of, and the rights and obligations should be clearly defined in the contract. Mr. Gao said that the contract is the most important link in the decoration process, and consumers must not despise it. He said that the most important thing in the contract is to standardize some important details, such as mobilization time, completion time, brand, model and quantity of various materials, specific construction requirements, how to solve disputes, liability for breach of contract, etc. In addition, in terms of payment, it is best to agree on the payment method with the decoration company and make installment payment. For example, after signing the contract and entering the site, pay a part, pay another part after the completion of water and electricity layout and other projects, pay a part after the completion of carpentry and painters, and pay the remaining amount after the completion acceptance is qualified. In specific circumstances, the specific payment method can be negotiated with the decoration company, so as to avoid being fooled by the decoration company and reduce the risk as much as possible. In addition, consumers are most likely to be fooled in several links, such as material costs, billing, and purchasing materials. Mr. Gao said that one reason is that consumers themselves are not familiar with this industry and are not professional. For example, how to identify the true and false of purchased materials cannot be clearly judged. The second is carelessness. For example, some decoration companies deliberately calculate more accounts in the bill and contract, or the content of the contract is ambiguous, which leads to the invalidity of the final contract. For consumers, it is most likely to cause unnecessary losses, which is costly and laborious





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