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Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM spring upgrade program has been launched in 54 markets around the world in 42 languages. The upgraded system can provide more powerful functions such as marketing, customer care and social listening. The program can provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions including marketing, product sales and customer care, and realize seamless connection with industry-leading efficient applications such as Microsoft Office 365, yammer, lync, Skype, SharePoint and office 365 power Bi, so as to help enterprises better meet customer needs

in addition to Microsoft Dynamics marketing and Microsof choosing qualified industries to try t social listening, Microsoft has also released an upgraded version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which includes a new unified service desk. For local users, these new features are only part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1. In addition, Microsoft also announced its plans to expand Microsoft Dynamics CRM online services in Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. The plan will be implemented in the third quarter of 2014

microsoft dynamics CRM has made incredible progress in the past few years. As an important part of Microsoft cloud business, the powerful functions of the new version can bring great value to our customers. Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, said that some customers will be surprised when they come. Through cloud based innovative business applications, enterprises can better meet the needs of customers, Be invincible in the changeable market environment

Microsoft emphasizes that the contract commitment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is in line with the requirements of the EU model clauses for providing one-year free warranty service for equipment, and also meets the requirements of the working group on Article 29 of the EU privacy law, which makes Microsoft the first company to be recognized by the EU privacy law so far

while enjoying the benefits brought by new functions in the fields of marketing, product sales and services, customers can also carry out business cooperation with Microsoft in terms of data. Bob Stutz, vice president of Microsoft Enterprise and project leader of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, said that during the research and development process, we pay close attention to the real needs of customers in providing perfect user experience. We redesigned the user interface, launched the new product within 6 months, made 3 major changes and added many new functions, and finally brought it to the market today

global expansion

microsoft dynamics CRM online officially expanded in Europe, Asia Pacific and South America this month, and also launched sales in Turkey. This global business expansion initiative of Microsoft provides a new comprehensive customer relationship management solution for global enterprises in their respective regional markets

more intelligent marketing, more effective sales and meticulous customer care

early customers who used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 have benefited from this. The new features can help them calmly cope with fierce challenges in a more mobile and social environment, achieve more effective sales, and promote them to become more intelligent marketers, Provide their users with world-class care. With the help of Microsoft social listening, the product sales, marketing and customer service personnel of various enterprises can carry out more effective social dialogue with customers, so as to obtain real-time feedback on brands, products, competitors and marketing activities as well as other issues related to their business. One example is Sealord, a global sustainable fisheries company

sealord uses Microsoft social listening to better understand the company's stakeholders, from their confidence in basic industries and sustainable development to influential global institutions and individuals in this field. When the topic of shark catching caused the outrage of the desalination project of the social platform to reach 2million tons/day, Sealord seized the opportunity to make its position clear to the people and gained global recognition; With Microsoft social listening, Sealord has achieved better interaction and communication with potential consumers

alison Sykora, public affairs and communication manager of Sealord, said: without Microsoft social listening, we would not be able to know what our stakeholders and community groups care about most, and our actions in the field of sustainable development would not be communicated to consumers

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