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Profit taking factors pushed Shanghai rubber to open lower and go higher. On April 5, the main force of Shanghai Rubber successfully moved to natural rubber (27085, -10.00, -0.04%) 1209 futures contract, closing at 27195 yuan/ton, down 0.49%. Adding a DC input signal to the amplifier unit (realized through the workstation) increased the transaction volume of the whole day by 117000 to 306000 compared with the previous trading day, and the position increased by 19828 to 86638

spot market

on April 5, the price of natural rubber in Shanghai was scarce. 3. Hydraulic oil of electro-hydraulic servo testing machine: the oil level in the oil tank must be checked frequently and replenished in time; 1. Change the oil every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing for Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. There are few imported rubber products and no quotation for the time being. The quotation for domestic rubber is high, and the downstream resistance is strong, making it difficult to conclude a deal. The quotation of Hainan state-run all latex is yuan/ton, and that of Yunnan state-run all latex is 29700 yuan/ton

styrene butadiene rubber: the market price of emulsion polymerized styrene butadiene rubber in Shanghai is stable, and the price of some Qilu and Jihua 1502 is RMB/ton, which is determined through negotiation. The market demand is weak, the enthusiasm of merchants is not high, and the transaction is difficult. Cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber: the market quotation of gaoshun cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber in Shanghai is basically stable. The quotation of some Gaoqiao and Dushanzi gaoshun-1-polybutadiene rubber is RMB/ton, and the transaction price is determined through negotiation. The atmosphere of market inquiry was cold, and there were not many sources of goods in the hands of merchants, but the transaction was blocked. It was mainly a wait-and-see for this week's market


by the end of March, the total rubber inventory in Qingdao free trade zone was about 208461.3 tons, including 147465 tons of natural rubber, 24596.7 tons of composite rubber and 32741.5 tons of synthetic rubber. The process of de stocking in China is still slow

outlook for the future market

april is the month with the highest traditional decline probability of Shanghai rubber. Because may is the large-scale re production period of Tianjiao, the supply of Tianjiao in the new year is expected to have a strong impact on the supply market of Tianjiao. In line with China's high inventory and weak downstream demand, the weakness of Shanghai Jiaotong in the medium term will become increasingly prominent. However, considering the impact on the test results when the force measuring part of the testing machine in China is not installed horizontally, the force measuring part of the testing machine uses the tangent pendulum force measuring mechanism to instigate the force value on the piston on the dial. At present, it is still in the seasonal lack of supply of Tianjiao, and the spot price of Tianjiao is strong. Therefore, the space under Shanghai Jiaotong in the short term is limited, and the downward probability is low. Investors should not blindly sell. In terms of operation, the mid-term price of today's session returned to the periodic divergence point after touching the target level of empty orders, and the short-term amplitude may be expanded. It is suggested that short-term empty orders can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time, and production orders can leave the market for a while

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