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On March 20, 2008, the three-day "the fifth Hebei international manufacturing automation and Instrumentation Exhibition" kicked off in Shijiazhuang International Expo Center

up to now, "Hebei international manufacturing automation and Instrumentation Exhibition" has been held for five times. In this exhibition, many enterprises in the field of industrial automation control system, equipment and instrumentation at home and abroad have been invited. As a pioneer enterprise in the field of special computers, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. brought its industrial CPU card series, 3.5 "/5.25" industrial motherboard series, network security dedicated motherboard, POS motherboard, industrial computer series, integrated workstation, digital library, network security standard system, industrial chassis, embedded standard system and the latest developed products to the exhibition, which became a beautiful scene in the exhibition

among the products exhibited by North China industrial control in this exhibition, 2000L complete machine, on-board electronic quasi system epc-106, network security quasi system fw-7811f, embedded motherboard norco-3680 and other products became the highlights of the exhibition and attracted the attention of many customers

2000l is an industrial machine with vga/lvds independent dual display and ultra-low power consumption. Assembly line production, 72 hours of strict aging test machine; The motherboard is designed with ultra-low power consumption and no fan; It can provide 4 PCI and 7 isa slots, and can support vga/lvds independent dual display function; The unique shockproof design of hard disk provides double protection for the system, with layer upon layer shock absorption, making the hard disk service life longer; Equipped with high-quality industrial power supply, the power supply is more reliable and the system works more stably

North China industrial control vehicle mounted electronic quasi system epc-106, Standard configuration 5.25 "The embedded low-power motherboard adopts norcopbp-05p4 special motherboard. The host adopts intel852gm chipset, supports Intel Centrino p-m/c-m series processors, supports 1GB of memory at most, and shares 64M dynamic video memory of air filter B on the open oil tank. The whole machine provides 1 100m port, 2 serial ports, 1 wellhead, 1 CF slot; 4 USB2.0, 1 IrDA infrared interface, 1 PICMG gold finger, and can expand 4 PCI peripherals. The whole machine has advanced Technical architecture, powerful CPU capacity, can support high-quality image processing, and provide rich data exchange interfaces. The whole machine has the characteristics of large amount of information, strong compatibility and convenient installation. It is suitable for the application of vehicle mounted automatic shooting and cleaning methods: taking out the damping pin, capturing against rules and shooting with radar speed exceeding the standard

network security standard system fw-7811f is a Gigabit firewall product suitable for enterprise users, providing Gigabit access performance. The standard configuration includes 4 ports, 2 COM ports, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, equipped with 1u250w power supply, special fan for air cooling, EMI protective shrapnel, port adapter board and related wiring. The system motherboard norco-7811g adopts intel865gv chipset, has dual channel DDR socket, and supports CPU frequency up to 3.0g. 1 true Gigabit port (through CSA, provide 1 10 00mbps port according to the force value of the tested section of the experimental machine); Three 100/Gigabit ports (three 1000Mbps ports or three 10/100mbps ports are provided through PCI)

norco-3680, North China industrial control embedded motherboard, has the following advantages: onboard amd ultra-low power lx700 processor; Integrated display controller, supporting VGA + lvds/ttl display output; Provide 4 USB interfaces and 4 COM interfaces; Integrated sound card and card; Provide 1 p c/104 interface until the sample is damaged

at the automation exhibition site, various industrial control exhibits in North China attracted much attention, attracting many users who came to consult and negotiate. Through rich and vivid dynamic demonstrations and sincere and detailed explanations by the staff, users have a comprehensive understanding of North China industrial control products, and are quite satisfied with the performance and service of the products. Some enterprises have expressed their intention to cooperate at the meeting

at present, North China industrial control products have been widely used in military industry, telecommunications, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, railway, aviation, communications, finance, telecommunications, medical treatment, security and other industries. Today, when the State advocates industrial informatization and automation, North China industrial control, with its strong R & D strength, continues to innovate independently, promote the development of national industry with excellent quality and perfect service, and serve all aspects of social life

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