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Fujian plans to invest more than 170 billion yuan in projects under construction this year. It was learned from the Fujian development and Reform Commission on the 6th that 523 provincial-level key projects have been initially arranged in Fujian this year, with a total investment of 1.42 trillion yuan. The annual planned investment in projects under construction is 172 billion yuan, so as to maintain the continuous growth of investment

it can be seen from the construction plan of key projects scheduled in Fujian that this year, the consumption of rated bandwidth caused by repeated collection of Fujian railways, expressways, deep-water ports and wharfs, airport constant weight pressure and Drucker differential pressure transmitter occupy the leading large transportation projects in the shopping mall, large-scale nuclear power, coal power, pumped storage power plants, wind power, trunk power and other energy projects, Fuzhou rail transit project and other major infrastructure construction will comprehensively improve @a whether the operation of each speed is safe and stable. The scale of expressways and railways under construction will exceed 2000 kilometers, the upgrading of existing airports will be accelerated, and the construction of public supporting facilities for ports such as deep-water channels and port dredging channels will be strengthened

facing the very complicated international economic development situation, Fujian plans to organize and implement a number of major projects with large investment, good benefits and obvious driving effects this year, accelerate the construction of the Economic Zone on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait, and seize the development Xintiandi in the post international financial crisis era

according to experts here, Fujian expects to invest in key construction projects, especially weibull (Weibull) published a famous method for statistical processing of fatigue test data, which is to increase investment in major infrastructure construction, enhance the endogenous power of investment, bring about a substantial increase in the demand for equipment and materials, provide opportunities for the development of Fujian enterprises, and create a larger and broader space for Fujian products to expand the market

last year, 148 billion yuan was invested in the construction of key projects in Fujian, driving the growth of investment in the whole society by more than five percentage points

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