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Kunlun Coast multi-point, wireless temperature and humidity recorder promotion activity

I. product introduction

1. (900m) wireless temperature and humidity sensor product model: jrfw-

retail price: ¥ 470 yuan, 70% discount sales promotion price: 329 yuan

j RF W series wireless temperature and humidity products adopt imported high-precision probe and sensor transmission integrated special circuit, with reliable sensor performance, long service life, fast response speed and wide measurement range. It has the characteristics of low price and high precision of similar products, and the probe is anti condensation. The wireless product adopts free protocol, with ultra-low power consumption, good stability, simple use, parameter free configuration and cumbersome wiring process. It can be widely used in cold chain transportation, indoor temperature and humidity, communication machine rooms, intelligent buildings, subways, shopping malls, libraries and other places

i anti-collision design, supporting a large number of sensors to collect temperature and humidity at the same time

i ultra-low power design; The data acquisition interval can be set

i adopts waterproof and moisture-proof design

i the operation method is simple, and the real-time start and stop temperature and humidity acquisition

i has led display to indicate the working status; The operating state is observable and controllable

i the signal sensitivity can be adjusted as required

i the appearance is small and exquisite, and the built-in or external antenna can be selected

i is suitable for simultaneous measurement of real-time temperature and humidity of multiple measured objects in a large area

2 (900m) wireless storage recorder product model: jrfr-

retail price: ¥ 1070.00% off sales promotion price: 749 yuan

900m wireless storage recorder is a data receiving device used with 900m wireless sensor if it is a tubing rupture sleeve. Through this device, the data collection of 900m wireless sensor can be completed, and the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol can be provided externally. It can be directly connected to the configuration software without additional drive. The recorder has a TFT color screen and visual keys, which can directly complete data reading and parameter configuration. It has the SD card storage function to protect the temperature value collected by the wireless sensor. It has the temperature upper and lower limit alarm function. After the temperature exceeds the limit, it gives an alarm prompt by providing LED

i simple to use, parameter free configuration

i adopts its own anti-collision protocol, supports a large number of simultaneous data reading, and supports a maximum of 200 temperature and humidity sensors

i supports large-capacity SD storage, with a maximum of 32g; Support USB data reading

i support communication signal strength, battery power, disconnection status and other queries and actions for several times

i support the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, alarm through SMS

i 320240 high-definition Chinese character display, visual key operation

i built-in large capacity Japanese automobile industry demand drives the development of rechargeable batteries in the plastic processing machinery industry, with a long life

technical parameters

ii Usage

can be widely used in cold chain transportation and indoor temperature 1 Faster humidity, communication room, intelligent building, subway, shopping mall, library and other places

III. activity time: June 1st, 2013 to December 30th, 2013

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