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With the development of Internet skills, the implementation methods of door and window brand companies have quietly changed, and the form of advertising has become the common practice of most companies. If a company wants to make a good brand and want to be remembered by consumers, it must innovate the content and form of advertising, but this kind of advertising needs to "adjust measures to local conditions", create a set of publicity forms suitable for its own needs, and put an end to the presentation of "fake big empty"

however, the key element of good advertising language that can be remembered by consumers is intelligence, not money! If any brand wants to grow into the most popular brand in the category, the most important theory is that the most important cognitive point in the category should be connected with the brand. If the connection is successful, coupled with the appropriate implementation, it may become that consumers like popular brands. However, many door and window brand companies only pay attention to people, money, materials and implementation when their products are listed, but they neglect one point: if there is no accurate information collection, analysis and summary, the refinement of selling points of many products of the company will go wrong, resulting in a large number of waste of people, money and materials. So how can we do a good job in commodity advertising and accurately find the breakthrough point of advertising

first, advertising ideas should be customized

door and window brand companies should learn to find the tipping point of their own brand and make appropriate advertising words with ideas. In today's door and window industry, it is undeniable that every company wants to make its own brand. As we all know, if you want to be remembered by consumers, you must be different from other brands. However, few people really put their own brand concept into the hearts of consumers, due to the lack of advertising ideas that can be remembered at a glance. I think it's really not easy to find a good idea and conform to my own brand concept. However, the key factor that such advertising language can be remembered by consumers is intelligence, not money

second, gather and invest in the precise audience group

the information is brief, and compete for the advantage of relative attention. In short, it is aggregation and investment. Gathering investment can select and gather a certain area for investment, such as building materials shopping malls; You can also select and gather a certain high potential media, gather resources on the effective media, gather for a certain period of time, and do not invest in other periods of time, but only invest in one period of time. This can not only identify potential customers, but also save advertising costs

third, advertising planning should be simple and generous

the fundamental principle that all advertisements should follow in the most fundamental planning composition: simple and generous. Advertisements are also divided into "tall, handsome, rich" and "short, poor". Most unsuccessful advertisements will be classified as "short, poor" because of the messy and complex planning. What kind of messy and complex? Changing colors, too many elements, and too messy appeals are typical messy, and simplicity and generosity is to achieve the convergence of appeals, appropriate elements, and reasonable colors, so as to express the most clear needs

door and window brand companies still need to take a "degree" to conceive and implement advertising!

IV. advertising advocates rejecting "fake big space"

generally, they think that the advertising language is the easiest to remember in the range of 8-12 words. We all know that images are much stronger than words, about 16 times. That's what we say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, it is particularly important for mobile advertising to allocate graphics and text within a limited space. If the picture and text allocation is not appropriate, it will not only reduce the score, but also form the advertising appeal of "down". The useful picture and text allocation is like the finishing touch

in short, the general guidelines for advertising investment of door and window brand companies are: brief information, conception and monitoring. As for the door and window brand companies, if they want to establish a good door and window brand in the fierce competition and do a good job in advertising and shopping malls on the basis of limited funds, they must do the above work well before they can complete the policy of promoting and promoting maximization. For businesses, the conditions for good advertising must focus on the words "reality, truth and degree", thinking that "reality" means respecting objectivity and science, accurately positioning around the characteristics of goods and services, developing advertising ideas, and being appropriate and in place; "Truth" means that the content should be true, the picture should be true, the recommendation of the image spokesperson should be true, and the advertising idea should not be arbitrary or random; "Du" means strictly abiding by the "advertising law", not saying the first words, avoiding false, big and empty, the refined advertising sentences are pleasant but not floating, and the planned advertising pictures are beautiful but not artificial




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