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My bathtub is Wrigley's single skirt tank. The net size of the bathtub in the master bathroom is only 1540 after the tiles are pasted. Generally, the actual size of the manufacturer's 1500 tanks with left and right skirts is mostly above 1530. That is to say, as long as my wall deviates a little, it is likely that I can't install it. Therefore, when I look for it, only the size of this tank is just 1500. The disadvantage is that there is no left and right skirts, and there will be a gap after installation, But it's basically in the way. Look at the picture, isn't it obvious? When dealing with Wrigley for the first time, I don't agree with Wrigley's practice of not providing free installation. According to the manufacturer, most big brand manufacturers don't provide free installation. We price the sales and installation separately, so that you can consume in the open. Kohler and so on. Well, since you raise yourself to Kohler's level, then the service and quality should also follow Kohler's. The delivery was smooth and arrived on time according to the agreed time, but I really don't dare to disobey the outer packaging of Wrigley's products. I wrapped it in a big white paper shell along the shape of the bathtub, and there was a layer of plastic thick paper with a bag inside (I don't know what it should be called, luki). I couldn't even find a product logo on the outer packaging. I finally found Wrigley's name on the white paper shell in the bathtub, The accessories are OK. There is an independent package. It's Wrigley's own launch. It's a pity that I didn't leave a photo. At that time, I didn't think it was very important. Now I use it when I write my diary. I think I should keep one. A photo is worth a lot of words! The effect is good, the size is also appropriate, and it looks very small





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