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Ziguang IOT uiot super smart home field case, Hengtai Mansion Project in Wujiang District, Suzhou

the Hengtai Mansion Project in Wujiang District, Suzhou is located between Pingwang and Shengze, on the west side of 227 provincial highway, 3 kilometers away from the center of Shengze, only 5-8 minutes' drive. It is surrounded by 3000 mu of native lakes, surrounded by three waves, surrounded by water on all sides, with 2 km of water shoreline, and the river surface reaches more than 3000 mu. The value of ecological island dwelling is prominent

this time, Hengtai group and uiot super smart home jointly created a "smart + sports + waterscape" living environment for owners, and is committed to enabling more people to enjoy a more comfortable, smart, safe and healthy home life

as a natural Peninsula project, the mansion has the temperament of becoming a leader mansion since its birth. With classic European architectural design, Shuanghu Island residence is like a Taoyuan, with independent private gardens and dock "island owners", making it the top villa and manor life in the city

uiot super smart products have high appearance and high performance, which perfectly match European architectural design. Both parties are committed to presenting high-quality smart villas in the region. The project adopts intelligent security, environmental monitoring, intelligent lighting, intelligent voice and other systems in the whole house wireless smart home system. The smart home system endows the project with high-tech genes, helps shape the marketing explosion point, improves customer focus, increases experience time, and improves transaction rate. At the same time, it will give owners a smarter, healthier, more comfortable, smarter, safer and more convenient living experience

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convenient life ・ one click control

wisdom to enjoy a better life, not forced by life trivia. Uiot super smart panel sets the mode according to your own needs. Whether you go home or leave home, you can control the home state with one key, so that you can get there in one step

in addition to the smart panel, it can also be controlled through the mobile app. If you don't want to get up on the sofa, you just need to take out your mobile phone and live in the whole house

whether it's tea tasting, painting, watching movies and reading books, just devote yourself to what you love to do. Let the smart home system help you with complex work


selfie online ・ classic versatile

how can a home that costs a lot of money to decorate be delayed by selfie? Every product of uiot super zhihuijia has been carefully designed and refined, and the process is even better

high specification product design team can meet customers' personalized needs. Whether it is modern European decoration or new Chinese style, it can be perfectly competent

whether it's a warm bedroom, a simple study, or a lively and brightly colored children's room, uiot super smart products are versatile


quality first ・ safety first

uiot super smart home has always taken "zero defect" as the quality goal. From raw materials, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, packaging, through layers of control, it is committed to providing users with the most comfortable, convenient, stable and high-quality products. The good reputation in the industry is also what uiot super smart home has won step by step with high-quality products

smart home makes Smart Life within reach, and the quality life you want to have is around you! Uiot super smart leads a new era of smart life





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