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American and Australian wardrobes have a history of more than ten years. They have a strict pursuit of product quality and are famous for their good product quality. Let's do a test to see how good the quality is

Meiao wardrobe has a development history of more than ten years. It has a strict pursuit of product quality and is famous for its good product quality. Its customized wardrobe is also known as luxury wardrobe, fragrant wardrobe and dustproof wardrobe. Among the more than 20 product patents owned by American and Australian wardrobe, more than 10 are utility patents and technical patents, which shows that great efforts have been made in product research and innovation

in order to verify the product quality of American and Australian wardrobes, the editors of home hotline specially went to American and Australian stores to do extreme tests for the two products to see how their quality was

according to the editor, the sliding door of the wardrobe in the United States and Australia all adopts the seamless connection technology without perforating the waist line, which is also the technical patent of the United States and Australia. It breaks through the traditional practice that the wardrobe of the sliding door must be perforated and connected when inlaying the waist line, which increases the overall firmness and durability of the sliding door by 3-5 times. So let's test a portable wardrobe first

ps: does the color of this wardrobe look familiar? Yes, it is local tyrant gold. This tuhao gold wardrobe was launched before Apple 5S came out, and this color has been used in customized household products by the United States and Australia many years ago

the golden series products of Meiao are also positioned at a higher end, meeting the high-end user groups who pursue both quality and fashion

after the digression, let's go on to the test. First, the above figure

the tester weighs nearly 170 Jin. Now what he is doing is a horizontal tension test. He uses his strength to stretch outward and shake the sliding door, which can feel the stability and overall toughness of the sliding door in the process of movement. The test result was that the tester was very tired, but the sliding door was not affected at all. This gold sliding door wardrobe has been on display for more than 2 years. It has been tested more than 10 times a day on average. At present, it has been tested at least 10000 times, but it is still as new

our test video address is: http://www.jia400.com/video/46288.html Please copy the link and open it again

next, we are going to test a light colored concealed wardrobe. How about its durability

we test it in an extreme way to see how durable it is. Our tester weighs nearly 170 Jin. Now, what he wants to do is a longitudinal stress test. Hang the whole person on the hidden door and pull it down. In the test picture, we can see that the hidden door is motionless and stable. The concealed door of this wardrobe has been tested more than 500 times in the past two years. At present, we can see that the wardrobe is intact and as strong as new

our lovely fat paper hangs on a small hidden door like this, but the hidden door doesn't move, steady and steady

the test video address is: http://www.jia400.com/video/46286.html Please copy the link and open it again

test information:

test time: October 23, 2014

test location: Meiao Guangzhou store (2nd floor, Libao decorative building materials City, Baogang Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)

test: Home hotline editor

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