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On July 18, Ji'an golden diamond building materials brand alliance activity was held as scheduled in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of St. Orton hotel. Haiikea diatom mud Ji'an flagship store cooperated with more than a dozen well-known brands to jointly create a building materials and home furnishing alliance grand event, discount carnival, send benefits to the whole City, ignite a colorful midsummer, and bring real concessions and surprises to local consumers

at this alliance event, a series of preferential promotional activities were launched, such as the appreciation of the deposit, the courtesy of joint purchase, treasure hunting in the store, signing in and lottery, which not only saved customers money, but also won valuable gifts, which brought great benefits to the majority of consumers, and the on-site atmosphere was once pushed to a climax. Haiikea diatom mud was carefully arranged and won the full trust of the citizens of Ji'an with high-quality products, exquisite workmanship and meticulous service. The guests signed the list one after another and returned with full loads

although this alliance activity was only one day, it received a positive response from the majority of consumers, and the strong preferential model was hotly discussed. This activity not only brought sales to the agent of haiikea diatom mud Ji'an, but also allowed the people of Ji'an to enjoy real benefits and real environmental protection and health home. The flagship store of haiikea Ji'an finally ended with impressive results




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